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Mahim Beach

Mahim beach is located near Palghar, Maharashtra, India. It is also a popular weekend getaway for tourists from Mumbai or around Mumbai like MatheranArnala Beach and Kelva beach.

Mahim beach is a part of the Mahim near which is an island. The Mahim beach offers the great view of the the Arabian Sea. The other beautiful thing to enjoy there is the greeneries and the sunset.  The Sunset view is the most popular here in Mahim.

Mahim Beach, Kelve Mahim beach resort, Kelve beach resort
Mahim Beach, Kelve Mahim beach resort, Kelve beach resort

One of the main attraction here is the Mahim fort, which is in ruins presently. Hostorical facts tell that the fort was built to protect Mahim from the invasion of Portuguese. Presently the Mahim beach is thriving with modern buildings, luxurious apartments, resorts and fantastic restaurants.

How to reach there?

Palghar Railway station is 8 km away from the city center. This railway station is well connected to Mumbai and other cities in India. Tourist taxi services from railway station to Palghar city and it costs about Rs 250.

Attractions Near Mahim beach

1. Mahim Creek

Mahim Creek is around 4.6 meter deep and 100 metere wide. The Mithi river drains into this creek which further drains into the Mahim Bay. They now has the Badra-Kurla Complex with thousands of corporate offices on both its sides.

The waters of the creek is quite smelling due to the dumping of untreated industrial chemicals.

2. Mahim Causeway

The Mahim Causeway is a vital link road connecting to the Mumbai City. The Causeway links the neighbourhoods of Mahim to the south with Bandra to the north.

3. Mahim Fort

Today the fort is almost ruined and encroachers and hutments occupy it.


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Kelva Beach

Kelva Beach (Kelwa Beach or Kelwe Beach)

Kelwa beach is also known as Kelva or Kelwe beach. This is located in Maharashtra, India. It is also a popular weekend getaway for tourists from Mumbai or around Mumbai like MatheranArnala Beach and Mahim Beach.

The beach is about 8 kilometres long. This place is not considered as a good weekend gateway near Mumbai because the beach is always overcrowded with the local crowd during weekends.

Where is kelva beach? or Where is it located?

Kelwa Beach is around 80 kilometres north from the Mumbai. This beach located near Kelve Road station which is around 5 kilometres away from the beach.


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How to reach there?

It is around 20-30 minute by Auto Rickshaw from Palghar and around 13 km away from NH-8. You can also visit there by State Transport buses. The frequency of the buses are really very good from palghar and kelwa road station.

Best time/season to visit Palghar

Since Palghar is located on the seashor, it has a tropical, extremly humid and warm climate all through the year.

*  The winters from December to February have an average minimum temperature of 17°C and a maximum of 33°C.
*  Summer seasons from March to June have an average maximum temperature of 33°C and an observed maximum of 40°C. The southwest monsoons are from June to September and have an average rainfall.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the grand festival in Maharashtra. which is celebrated during September. So, the month of September is the best time to visit Palghar with much pomp and show. Many tourists visit this place during this festival period. I am sure it will be a memorable time for you if you visit there in this festival.

Attractions at Kelva Beach.

1. Shitla Devi Temple

This is a hindu temple located just besides the beach. There is a belief here that the two sons of the Lord Ram, luv and kush grew up here when Sita was in exile for the second time.

2. Kelva Fort

There are three forts on this beach. One is at the southern side of the beach and is submerged in sea water during high tides. The smaller one, is located within the coniferous trees near the northern tip on the beach.

3. Kelva Dam

Kelva dam was constructed many years back for the irrigation purpose for the farmers of Palghar. This has been a storage dam of the water in the Kelva. The dam site offer cool and secluded place for evening tours. During weekends many tourists visit this place. A garden located nearby add the attraction of the dam site.


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