Mobile App to book Mumbai Local Train Ticket

A mobile app has been launched to book Mumbai Local Railway Tickets.

It will help you buy tickets using an R-wallet (online wallet), and you will get a text message code when you buy one. You can use the code along with your mobile number (which will be your user ID) to print your ticket at kiosks/ATVMs at some stations.

“The service will be introduced at five stations each on Central and Western Railway. We will subsequently have the printing facility at all stations,” a senior official said on Monday.

You can print your tickets at Dadar (Western and Central), Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Kurla, Thane and Kalyan, Churchgate, Mumbai Central, Andheri and Borivli, the sources said.

“The railway board has issued the booking procedure for which ticket printouts will be necessary,” an official said.

The user-friendly app will be available for cell phones running on the Android and Windows operating systems. An app for Blackberry and iPhone will be available later, the official said.

Sources said money for buying the tickets will have to be loaded through the R-wallet mobile payment system either online or through any ticket booking counter at stations.

A user can book unreserved tickets for second and first class for long-distance trains too. You will also be able to cancel tickets, the sources said.

The railways may later look at treating the codes sent as text messages as valid tickets, to avoid printing a ticket, an official added.

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